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lummox n : an awkward stupid person [syn: lout, clod, stumblebum, goon, oaf, lubber, lump, gawk]

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  • , /ˈlʌməks/, /"lVm@ks/


lummox (plural lummoxes)
  1. A clumsy, stupid person; an awkward bungler.
    You've broken the plates, you great lummox!

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Lummox was a punk rock band based in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
The band originally consisted of Murray Acton ("The Cretin" from the Dayglo Abortions) on guitar and vocals, John London on drums, and Merrick Atkinson on bass. The band formed in 1995 and released a single album, Natural Born Swillers, in 1996. They continued to play occasionally in the Vancouver and Victoria area until 2000, at which point London and Acton left the band for other ventures.
The band's nom-de-plume may have been inspired by the animated Ren and Stimpy Show, in which a lummox is a creature resembling a large barbaric man. Of course, the word lummox has always denoted a stupid, clumsy person.
Lummox played a reunion gig in Vancouver on May 28, 2005 at the Asbalt Hotel. Only Merrick Atkinson, of the original band, was present, playing bass and performing lead vocal duties. Two other unknown personalities performed the guitar and drum duties during the show.
John London is not currently in the west coast music scene. Murray Acton is still with the Dayglo Abortions. Merrick Atkinson is currently in working with bands in the Toronto area. It should be pointed out that the Merrick Atkinson of Lummox is not the same Merrick Atkinson who is the background vocalist with The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

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